Laboratory Homogeniser, SHM2

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Laboratory Homogeniser, UK plug USE CODE "NEW10" FOR 10% OFF / SHM2/UK

Can be handheld or stand mounted
Variable motor speed 5,000 to 28,000rpm
Processing range from 0.03ml-2L
Powerful 700 watt motor

The Stuart® SHM2 with its 700 watt motor is incredibly powerful and versatile. The unit can handle virtually any processing application making it ideal for all homogenising applications such as tissue homogenisation, cell disruption, emulsions, suspensions and protein extraction and with the powerful motor especially suitable for tougher samples and larger volumes. The SHM2 can either be handheld for quick processes or securely stand mounted with a direct connection to the SHM/STAND.

The SHM2 can accommodate a selection of stainless steel probes for larger and tougher samples and also our polycarbonate disposable probes. Disposable probes are suitable for hard tissues and ideal where cross contamination is of concern. If necessary disposable probes can be easily dismantled and autoclaved up to seven times.

Through careful selection of probe type samples of 0.03ml to 2L can be processed.

All Stuart® homogenisers are supplied with a tool kit for dismantling the rotor stator generator probes for easy cleaning

***Please note the /UK version is supplied with a UK plug fitted***

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Laboratory Homogeniser, UK plug USE CODE "NEW10" FOR 10% OFF

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Motor 700 watt
Speed control 5,000 to 28,000rpm
Processing range 0.03ml to 2L
Sound level <72dB
Net Weight, kg 1.6
Dimensions (hxø) 220 x 70
Electrical supply 220/240V, 50Hz
IP Rating 30