MC810B Digital Heating Controller

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MC810B Digital Heating Controller / MC810B

The MC810B Digital Heating Controller provides a convenient means of temperature control, utilising a digital display and microprocessors to provide easy operation and accurate readings.

It can be used in 3 ways:
• In On/Off mode with the hysteresis loop controlling power switching
• As a PID (Proportional, Integrated, Derivative) controller
• As a temperature measuring device up to 270°C or more, depending upon the probe accessory used.

The MC810B Digital Heating Controller may be used in conjunction with a suitable heating or cooling device, e.g. Electromantle or Electric Bunsen. For clear operation, the MC810B Digital Heating Controller has an On/Off power switch, "Power On" amber neon indicator and an Exit/Standby button.

Programming is done via the Up/Down controls on the front panel and the 3 digit LED display allows you to set a 1°C resolution over a range of -10°C to 800°C. Temperature sensing is performed by a plug-in PTFE covered platinum resistance thermometer probe which is suitable for measurements up to 270°C. There is a 5 pin DIN socket for the temperature probe. The sample temperature is displayed on the 3-digit LED display.

The MC810B Digital Heating Controller has a zinc die-cast outer case and is suitable for bench and retort stand mounting or wall mounting, using the wall bracket and retort rod clamps provided. It has a short mains output lead with an IEC socket to connect it to the resistive load. An accessory mains lead is available where remote operation is required, e.g. in a fume extraction unit.

Key Features
• PTFE-covered platinum resistance thermometer is included for measurements to 270°C
• Zinc die-cast outer case is suitable for the bench or can be mounted on a 12.7cm support rod
• Programming is done by up/down controls
• Three-digit LED display allows you to set a 1°C resolution over a range of -10°C to 800°C
• A hysteresis range can be set to govern the range of temperature variation in the medium being controlled

Warranty: One year parts and labour
Certification: CE

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MC810B Digital Heating Controller

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Full product specification.

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Electrical requirements: 230V

230V, 50/ 60 Hz, 1500W

Controller power consumption

< 2W

Dimensions, ( d x w x h), mm

100 x 120 x 80

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