HT95502 Glass Fibre Heating Tape, 61cm

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HT95502 Glass Fibre Heating Tape, 61cm / HT95502

HT95502 Glass Fibre Tape is a flexible heater that is ideal for heating columns, pipes, valves and transfer lines, especially when these applications need to be observed. It can be applied to metal pipes as well as glassware. It has an element wound on a glass fibre core and covered in a braided glass fibre outer sheath; HT95502 additionally has a braided earth (ground) wire beneath the outer sheath.

The HT9 series is available in different lengths to accommodate a broad range of temperatures up to 450°C. As with all the tapes and cords, the use of an energy or temperature controller is recommended.

Key Features
• For high wattage applications
• Operational temperature range up to 450°C
• Cord is spiralled around the tube being heated to give a surface loading power concentration up to 0.62W/cm²
• Linear Loading: 164W/m (50W/ft)
• Length of 61cm
• Insulated unheated flexible lead at each end (9cm)
• Approximate width of 25mm
• For use in dry conditions only
• Use of MC227 1-Way Heating Controller or MC810B Digital Heating Controller is recommended.

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HT95502 Glass Fibre Heating Tape, 61cm

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Full product specification.

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Electrical requirements

230V, 100W

Max. operational temperature


Surface loading


Linear Loading

164W/m (50W/ft)



Insulated unheated flexible lead at each end


Approximate outside diameter