Jenways 6305 UV/visible Spectrophotometer (230V/50Hz)

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6305 UV/visible Spectrophotometer (230V/50Hz) / 635001

• Wavelength range of 198 to 1000nm
• Absorbance, %T and concentration modes
• Easy and intuitive operation
• Multi-parameter display with wavelength and photometric readouts
• Wide range of sampling accessories
• Utilises a high quality pulsed xenon lamp
• 3 year warranty

The 6305 UV/visible spectrophotometer is a high quality, low cost unit for spectroscopy applications in schools and colleges, as well as in QC and testing procedures for a wide variety of services and industries. Using a single, pulsed xenon lamp the 6305 offers an extended lamp life and high energy throughput in the UV and visible regions.

The 6305 UV/visible spectrophotometer is supplied with mains lead, pack 100 disposable cuvettes, 10 x 10mm cell holder, interface cable and PC application software on CD-ROM* (230V/50Hz)

* requires free on-line registration

***Please note this is the 230V, 50Hz version***


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6305 UV/visible Spectrophotometer (230V/50Hz)

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Parameter 6305
Wavelength range 198 to 1000nm
Wavelength resolution 1nm
Wavelength accuracy ±2nm
Spectral bandwidth 8nm, 6nm over UV range
Transmittance 0 to 199.9%T
Absorbance –0.300 to 1.999A
Accuracy ±1%T
Resolution 0.1%T, 0.001A
Stray light <0.5%T at 220 and 340nm
Noise <0.001A at 0A at 400nm
Stability <0.002A/h after 30 minutes
Concentration range –300 to 1999
Concentration resolution 0.1 to 1
Units ppm, mg/l, g/l, M, %, blank
Factor 0 to 199.9, 1000 to 9999
Light source Xenon lamp
Outputs Analogue and RS232
Power <50W
Size (w x d x h) 365 x 272 x 160mm
Weight 6kg