6270 Fluorimeter

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• High quality optics: pulsed xenon lamp and Total Energy Transfer (TET)
• Intelligent Filter Modules ensure correct filters are fitted for selected method
• Intuitive programming allows fast program creation
• Raw fluorescence or concentration values options
• Standard curve and kinetic functions
• Heated sample holder and sipper pump accessories
• Compatible with DataWay PC software

The 6270 fluorimeter is suitable for less sensitive applications requiring a broader wavelength range up to 1100nm. With press-to-read operation and Total Energy Transfer (TET) technology the output of the high-energy xenon lamp is maximised and its expected life extended so that it should never need replacing within the normal lifetime of the unit. The high quality optics are complemented by the Intelligent Filter Modules (IFM) that are identified by the unit, generating error messages should the wrong filters be fitted or their positions be incorrect.

Each fluorimeter model offers intuitive operation with a user interface based on logical menus that can be navigated from the simple keypad. Up to 20 methods can be created without restriction and saved for future use.

The 6270 fluorimeter is supplied with 100 disposable cuvettes and mains adapter for use on 90 to 230V supply with UK, Euro and US mains leads.

1 Using quinine sulphate
2 Photomultiplier tube

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6270 Fluorimeter USE CODE "BUYNOW" FOR 10% OFF

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Parameter 6270 6280 6285
Wavelength range 190 to 1100nm 190 to 650nm 190 to 850nm
Sensitivity1 1µg/ml <1ng/ml <1ng/ml
Dynamic range1 5.2x104 5.2x106  5.2x106
Detector Photodiode PMT2  PMT2