Jenways 4520 Bench Conductivity/TDS meter with US power supply

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4520 Bench Conductivity/TDS meter (US) / 452101

• Conductivity, resistivity, TDS and salinity modes
• Special pure water mode for ultra low conductivity measurements
• Storage of 500 results with built in data logger
• Infra-red data link (IrDA) for connection to printer and RS232 link to connect to printer or PC via DataWay software

The 4520 is a high specification laboratory conductivity /resistivity/TDS/salinity and temperature meter that offers additional accuracy with 1, 2 or 3 point conductivity calibration across the wide measurement range of 0 to 19.99S. The dedicated "pure water" mode ensures the optimum accuracy for this difficult application.

* With cell constant (K)=10

***Please note this is supplied with a US power supply***

The 4520 conductivity meter is supplied with a glass conductivity probe with ATC (K=1) (027 013), electrode holder and US power supply.


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4520 Bench Conductivity/TDS meter (US)

Full product specification.move

Full product specification.

Parameter 4520
Conductivity range 6 auto–selected from 0 to 19.99S*
Conductivity resolution 0.01µS to 0.01S
Conductivity accuracy ±0.5% ±2 digits
Automatic standard recognition 10µS, 84µS, 1413µS, 12.88mS
Cell constant 0.010 to 19.999
TDS range 6 auto selected ranges from 0 –1999g/l*
TDS resolution 0.01mg/l to 1g/l
TDS accuracy ±0.5% ±2 digits
EC Ratio 0.50 to 0.80
Resistivity range 0–20Mohm
Resistivity resolution 0.01Mohm
Resistivity accuracy ±0.5% ±2 digits
Salinity range 0–99.9g/l
Salinity resolution 0.1g/l
Salinity accuracy 0–35 ±1g/l, 35–99.9 ±3g/l
Temperature range –10 to 105°C
Temperature resolution 0.1°C
Temperature accuracy ±0.5°C
ATC and manual 0 to 100°C
Temperature coefficient 0.00% to 4.00%/°C
Reference temperature 18, 20 or 25°C
GLP Calibration reminder interval, alarm outputs and security code protected data
Outputs Analogue, RS232 and IrDA interface
Connector 7–pin DIN
Power 9V AC ±10% @ 50/60Hz
Size (l x w x d) 210 x 250 x 55mm
Weight 850g